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Models are Love
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model icons & other graphics

modelsarelove is a community dedicated to "collections" of icons of specific models.
It's a great way to keep track of all your icons & graphics of particular models & share them with others.

Please direct all questions/comments/concerns/what-have-you to this post.
Want to affiliate? Ask here.

All posts are moderated for quality-control.
you can post:
icons, banners, headers, wallpapers, and any other graphic of the model you're posting.
if you're unsure if you can post something or not, just ask.

· Each post must contain icons & graphics of only one particular model.
Other models are allowed only if they happen to be in the same graphic as the main model.
· Each post must contain at least 25 icons. No banners/wallpapers/whatevers-only post.
· Title & tag your entry with just the model's name.
· No more than 3 icons outside the cut. Only icons outside the cut.
· No nudity in teaser images. Warn people outside the cut of any adult content contained in the post.
· Indicate how many icons & other graphics OUTSIDE the cut.
· Graphics must be posted to this community; don't link to outside posts. Doing so defeats the purpose of this comm.
· No requests. No promotions. Period.

My apologies if that seems like a lot to keep in mind. I want to keep things as organized as possible.

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